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Stage-Show & Close-Up Magic

The spectacular highlight for your event

Are you in search of a master magician for exclusive corporate events or special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, both in Nuremberg and throughout Germany? As a full-time magician since 1999, I guarantee an unparalleled performance that will transport your guests into a world of magic and enchantment.

With over 30 years of experience, I have crafted an exquisite repertoire that meets the highest standards and makes every event an unforgettable experience. From breathtaking stage magic to intimate close-up performances – each of my shows is a masterpiece of humor, entertainment, and top-notch magic.

As a respected member (since 1998) of the "Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland" (Magic Circle of Germany), I am a true master of my craft and have dazzled audiences on various stages across Europe.

Allow me to make your event an unforgettable experience that will enchant your guests! Contact me today to enrich your event with the magic of a professional magician from Nuremberg.

Philipp Schwarz - Zauberer aus Nürnberg mit seiner Show.
Philipp Schwarz - mit Rose
Philipp Schwarz - Zauberer. aus Nürnberg mit der Bühnen-Show
Philipp Schwarz der Zauberer aus Nürnberg zaubert direkt unter den Gästen mit seiner Close-Up Zauberkunst
Philipp Schwarz - Zauberer aus Nürnberg auf der großen Bühne.

Gala Show:

Philipp Schwarz enchants you in your gala show.

At your large-scale event featuring multiple acts, Philipp Schwarz takes you on an unforgettable journey full of enchanting wonders with wit, charm, and flair. Experience, along with your guests, in Nuremberg or beyond, the unique magical highlight of your event.

Some of the tricks, for example, have already been presented by the undisputed king of the magic industry, David Copperfield. You won't believe your own eyes anymore, nor your ears; nothing is as it seems, everything becomes possible.

Der Zauberer in Nürnberg - Philipp Schwarz - Zaubernde Hände - Bühnen-Show
  • Ideal for your gala program
  • Suitable for any number of attendees
  • Performance duration starting from 10 minutes

Stage Show:

Philipp Schwarz presents his stage show for all your guests

Up to 400 people will be entertained by him on the large to medium stage during his stage show. Effects that have proven themselves specifically in front of large audiences will also leave you in absolute amazement.

One of Philipp Schwarz's most spectacular feats is the floating rose, which has also been performed by David Copperfield. Banknotes disappear into thin air and reappear in impossible places, thoughts are read, and objects do the seemingly impossible.

(Technical equipment such as sound system, stage lighting, backdrop, and stage - 3x3 meters included). This show can also be booked for an entire evening.

  • Suitable for any number of attendees
  • Ideal: 25 or 45 minutes of stage show, followed by close-up magic - magic up close, amidst your guests.
  • Depending on the available space at your location, we can also provide our own stages in various sizes
  • With his stage presence, Philipp Schwarz performs magic for up to 400 people, ensuring that every movement is clearly visible so that no audience member misses a single moment.
  • For corporate or private events

"...Invisible card games migrate through the rows, banknotes leave their owners only to reappear in tropical fruits. With charming ease, Schwarz presents his art, miles away from dusty rabbit-in-the-hat magic. Audience interaction is his trump card - those who look away find themselves on stage in no time.

But even from up close, the tricks remain pure wizardry for Gabi, Horst, and Waltraud. How does the ring end up on the keychain? The puppy in the bag? Schwarz keeps the answer to himself. Mischievously, he leads everyone astray and beams with mischief after successfully baffling them with his tricks.

Magical mist and ethereal sounds usher in the second part of the evening, which, cloaked in the supernatural, sets impressive highlights. Seemingly effortlessly, Schwarz guesses numbers, cards, words, and, as if by ghostly hand, conjures Petra's favorite country on a piece of cardboard. Like Uri Geller once did, he casually bends a spoon and then, being a romantic at heart, makes paper flowers levitate…"

((Nürnberger Nachrichten) 

Philipp Schwarz aus Nürnberg in der großen Show.

Stand Up Show:

From a central point, Philipp Schwarz enchants all your guests

Corporate events, birthdays, weddings, or family celebrations become unique experiences through him, remembered by every guest for a long time. His many years of experience allow him to adapt spontaneously to the given setting and his audience.

Whether at the end of the table in an upscale restaurant or on the small stage in the artist's pub, big wonders come true without much fuss in the small show. With a lot of humor and linguistic wit, all guests are enchanted with top-notch magic.

The stand-up show is designed for 20 to approximately 100 people.

  • For 20 - 100 guests
  • Duration: approximately 30 - 35 minutes
  • Recommended: The stand-up show followed by close-up magic - magic up close, amidst your guests.
  • For corporate or private events
Ein Gedanke wird empfangen und die Zuschauerin ist mit einem Lächeln erstaunt.

Close-up magic:

Philipp Schwarz enchants up close, among your guests

During table magic, also known as close-up magic, the artist performs only for small groups, such as at tables, the bar, or in small standing circles. The miracles happen just a few centimeters away from the spectators' eyes and have an unimaginable impact. Coins disappear right from your hands, cards change their value, signatures move as if by magic, and rings appear in impossible places.

Anyone who has ever experienced this unique form knows that it is the pinnacle of the art of magic. Close-up magic can take place almost anywhere and is, of course, a perfect complement to both small and large shows. With his incredibly elegant style and excellent dexterity, Philipp Schwarz has been one of the most skilled close-up artists for years.

Der Zauberer in Nürnberg - Philipp Schwarz - Zaubernde Hände - Zaubern ganz nah - Tischzauberkunst - Close Up Magic
Der Zauberer in Nürnberg - Philipp Schwarz - Zaubernde Hände - Zaubern ganz nah - Tischzauberkunst - Close-Up Magie
Der Zauberer in Nürnberg - Philipp Schwarz - Zaubernde Hände - Zaubern ganz nah
  • Magical and spectacular experiences at the tables and in the hands of your guests
  • For a magical standing reception
  • Suitable for any number of attendees
  • As a walking act
  • On the ship, on the train, or even on the airplane
  • At congresses, seminars, and meetings
  • For weddings and birthdays
  • For corporate or private events

" ...I distinctly felt it happen in my hands..."

" was as if he was in my thoughts... "

" ...I would book him again... "

" ...if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I was there live... "

" can't feel something like this on TV... "

" ...he didn't just perform for himself, he performed for us... "

(Audience reactions)

Business Magic:

Philipp Schwarz creates magic for your company

With Philipp Schwarz, the professional magician from Nuremberg, you're booking a magician, entertainer, and mind reader all in one. He's a guarantee for good vibes and ensures that your customers will remember your event for years to come!

Perfectly tailored to your company or products, Philipp Schwarz develops effects for your corporate event. The presentation can either be part of the stage show for everyone or as close-up magic directly at the tables for smaller groups. Imagine, for example, a fascinating effect where your company name magically appears. Every one of your customers and employees will rave about this 'magical moment' for years to come!

  • For your product presentation
  • As an attraction for your trade show booth
  • Your customers will remember their experience with your product for years to come
  • Anything is possible - special combinations of tricks can be tailored directly to your product range
  • The unforgettable emotional bridge to your customer
  • The 'Magical Workshop' for your guests - leaving a particularly magical impression at your event

Magical presentation:

Philipp Schwarz magically hosts your event

Professional magician Philipp Schwarz from Nuremberg guides you enchantingly through your evening with wit, charm, and flair. He captivates his audience in an extremely eloquent manner with humor and charm. He ensures that every spectator is enthralled during his shows and that everyone, including those on stage, feels comfortable

Der Zauberer in Nürnberg - Philipp Schwarz - Zaubernde Hände - Show
  • The magical thread that guides you through your evening
  • Individually designed for your evening
  • Your magical host for your corporate or private event


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Zauberer Nürnberg - Bilder
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Zauberer Nürnberg - Bilder

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Int. Publikum in Prag

Close-up Magic

Philipp Schwarz - Your magician from Nuremberg

I was born in Erlangen - Franconia as the son of a photographer.

My first stage experience: The Christmas party at my kindergarten.

The teachers' first admiring astonishment when my crib notes disappeared

I place great emphasis on ensuring that my high-caliber magic remains in your and your guests' memories even after many years.

With my tricks, I evoke emotions that will accompany you home and that you can still tell your grandchildren about:

Sometimes I make you thoughtful (How does he do it? How can it work - I looked so closely?!)

Sometimes I make you laugh and marvel... (Situational comedy is the best guarantee for long-lasting good mood.)

Sometimes I make you dream... (I take you to the land of fantasy, where anything is possible.)

Sometimes I leave you speechless with amazement (Occasionally, I don't care if something is physically possible or not... I just do it!)

Sometimes I involve you... (Often, I not only involve spectators in my miracles, but even let them participate, so they can feel the magic up close.)

My philosophy can be summed up in one sentence:

With my magic hands, I give you and your guests something rare and coveted - joy & happiness!

Der Zauberer in Nürnberg - Philipp Schwarz - Zaubernde Hände - Geburtstage - Hochzeiten - Weihnachtsfeier - Zauberkünstler

...and how I came to magic.

Like everything in life, it all began with my mother. It was actually my mother and her two friends who, on the occasion of a family celebration in Nuremberg, rehearsed a few magic tricks as a joke. The trio's magic acts were highly celebrated in all family circles. I was then the assistant who knew the ladies and the tricks well. What was just fun for the ladies became a permanent passion for me. That's why I attended the Magic School in Nuremberg and from 1996 a musical school in Nuremberg in the following subjects: acting, pantomime, step dance, musical dance, singing. Of course, I continued to educate myself constantly in the field of magic. Among other things, through numerous seminars and congresses (e.g. London, etc.) and through years of training, I acquired my current skills to be able to enchant my audience in a unique way.

Naturally, I am also a member of the Magic Circle of Germany, local circle Nuremberg (Zauberturm Nuremberg). For over 10 years, I have been appearing at "Zauber im Turm" in the Zauberturm Nuremberg, the world's only magic tower in Nuremberg ( Since 2003, I have been teaching as a lecturer at the Magic School Nuremberg. In 1999, I gave up my secure job at my parents' photo studio as a photographer, fulfilled my dream, and have been living professionally for the art of magic ever since.


Performance with Oleg Popov (Russian State Circus) | Sheraton Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Dominican Republic, Club Hotel RIU Mambo | RENAULT Deutschland Formula 1 - World Championship Race 2004 at the Nürburgring | Anton Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell | State Secretary Dagmar Wöhrl | Premiere Solo-Program "MAGIE- ZIEHT AN" at the SERENADENHOF NÜRNBERG | Premiere - Solo Program "Magic Hands" at Galerie Gaswerk | Premiere - Duo Program "Magical Moments" with soprano singer Andrea Wurzer | Premiere - Duo Program "TWO MAGICIANS" with Peter Drexler | Comödie Fürth and Kleine Komödie Nürnberg, together with Volker Heißmann in "Volker's Crazy Variety" | Adidas - Germany | Huawei - Shanghai | Mercedes Benz Museum - Stuttgart | PUMA | DATEV | Coca-Cola - Germany | Die Neue Welle Broadcasting Administration GmbH & Co. KG | IBM - Germany | Continental | AVIA - Mineral Oils | ICE TIGERS - Thomas Sabo | Ferrero - Germany | RTL | Nokia | Bayerischer Hof am Bodensee | YNOT-Award in Prague | AUDI | Hyundai | SEAT | SUZUKI | D2 Mobilfunk | Schöller | Siemens Germany | SHERATON Hotels Germany | GRAND HOTEL | STAEDTLER GERMANY | Faber-Castell | REWE | LIONS CLUB | Benedikt Graf von Bentzel - Schloß Thurn | Nürnberger Versicherungen | Universa - Insurance | ERGO Direkt | ING-DiBa AG | DIEHL | NCP engineering GmbH | Various Golf Clubs in Germany (as a passionate golfer with HCP 12) | Charity - Accor Day 1999 to 2007 in favor of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Novotel (now Mercure Hotel) | As well as private bookings throughout Germany, Europe, and beyond...


Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact me at 

0911.99 04 102

I'm here to help

Magical Hands 

Philipp Schwarz


Leipziger Str. 8

D-90765 Fürth

+49 (0) 911 99 04 10 2


Book Philipp Schwarz, your professional magician from Nuremberg and Franconia, for corporate and private events. Enjoy his stage show or close-up magic at various events such as galas, weddings, and Christmas parties in Nuremberg and beyond. As a mentalist, he also offers fascinating mental magic in cities such as Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, and many others. Contact us at: +49 (0) 911 9904102. Impressum, Privacy Policy.

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